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Camiguin Island

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Dreaming of spending time in a place where all your negative thoughts and poisoned emotions vanish is something you could never deny. You’re craving for it! You’re wishing for it! And you’ve been waiting for it to come true. Well, if that’s what you’ve been dreaming of, then…

Welcome to Camiguin’s one Dreamland Beach Resort!

Dreamland Beach Resort lies along the vast shorelines of one of the Philippines most eye-catching islands – Camiguin. It’s located at the epicenter of the said island, within the urban areas of the Municipality of Mambajao. Specifically, the resort is just in front of Yumbing  Elementary School.

This promising resort just opened last March 2013 and owned by Mr and Mrs Ramier Noble Naïve. According to the couple and their family, this resort is a dream come true. It has answered their dream of building a splendid, over-viewing accommodations for ultimate relaxations and incomparable refreshments.

How to get there

First stop is in Poblacion, Mambajao – the town center. Once arrived, search for any land vehicle you find accommodating for you and your companions. It could be a  truck, van, motorcycle, and the like. Once acquired, prepare for a 4 to 6 km ride off to Brgy. Yumbing.

The resort isn’t that difficult to locate since it’s just in front of the Yumbing Elementary School. Using a map can be easier or much better to have a tour guide or somebody else who exactly know the place (optional). But if everything goes wrong, don’t panic! Ask some locals there. They’ll surely direct you to the school.

Things to do

This idyllic resort offers one-of-a-kind recreational facilities. These include a wide array of motorized water sports, pool for kids, and an outdoor pool. Plus, an alluring massage center is also available, ready to comfort travelers who are exhausted from a blistering trip!

Dreamland is definitely a haven of warm hospitality and captivating lovely ambiance. Indeed, this will make your Camiguin experience a memorable adventure.

Where to stay

When it comes to accommodation, Dreamland boasts a high-class hotel that offers special services and amenities to suit the needs of all travelers. Enjoy the benefits of the hotel’s Wi-Fi in rooms/public areas, family room, elegant restaurant, coffee shop, laundry service, 24-hour room service, and airport transfer.

Dreamland offers a Deluxe Horizon Suite and a Poolside Standard Room. Obviously, accommodation isn’t a problem in this stunning resort. Everything here is perfectly designed for people who still want to feel like being in their own homes while having a vacation.

Best time to travel

The island of Camiguin is known for its annual Lanzones Festival. During the festival, the streets of Mambajao come alive as people flock to witness this grand festival.

If  you opt to witness a terrific event, then mark your calendar –on the 3rd Week of October!


Yumbing is known for the its exotic sea urchin with lemon juice! (Don’t miss it) But don’t worry if you’re not ready to taste it. There are still countless restaurants that serve a wide array of cuisines.

What Else?

To augment the surprise, ever heard of the phenomenal “White Island?” It’s an uninhabited islet of white sandbar about 1.4 kilometers off the northern shore of Mambajao. This means, you can also visit the said island after your stay in Dreamland Beach Resort. That’s hitting two birds in one stone!

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Obviously, Philippines is one of the most renowned nations when it comes to ideal destinations such as islands, exotic landscapes, mysterious forest, and world-class beaches. With this, it is totally safe to assume that this country holds the golden emblem of pleasure and satisfaction!

If you’re one of the countless individuals who are dreaming to experience a one of a kind adventure, then it’s time to turn it into reality! But forget other interesting spots first and let your thoughts navigate to the famous Philippine holiday beaches.

1. Boracay

Boracay - Philippine Beach Holiday
One of the most famous among Philippine beaches/islands, this is an enchanting paradise that holds exceptional white sand shorelines. It is even considered as one of the world’s finest islands – ranked as 8th place!

Once you visit this white sandy beach, prepare yourself for some glittering white sand. It’s natural! The sand somehow scintillates as the sun rays strike it. It’s totally astounding, unexplainable, and a mystifying phenomenon that even science couldn’t capture.

Another thing, if you’re a kind of person who prefers partying and bar hopping amidst the complex nightlife, well, this is the best spot to go! Also, you could choose among those world class hotels and a wide array of restaurants.

2. Puerto Galera

Philippine Beach Holiday at Puerto Galera Beach
A great place for some ultimate relaxation! This is an interesting place to discover since this destination is perfectly designed for both adventure and relaxation. There’s a relaxing ambiance for those who want to unwind. Then, the other side is for fun!

There are various things to experience once you arrive in Puerto Galera. Diving, sailing, and snorkeling are some of these. Plus, don’t ever forget to experience scuba diving here. Puerto Galera’s amazing coral reefs is one of the world’s treasures!

3. El Nido

El Nido Palawan - one of the Philippines Beach Holidays Destinations

Known as “The island of the gods.” This wonderland is full-packed with marble cliffs and breathtaking landscapes – an indication that it’s the best destination for people who really love outdoor adventures.

El Nido boasts its domain with its enchanting caves, diving sites, fascinating surrounding islands, and exciting water exercises. Aside from that, the place is also home to various tropical birds. You must see them!

4. Siargao Island

Siargao Best Beach Holiday Destinations
This island has definitely proven itself as the surfing capital in the Philippines. If you’re curious why, then take a look in the world’s list of the best surfing spots in the world. You’ll see that Siargao has been swarming with numerous personalities from different corners of the globe!

There’s more! Did you know that Siargao is not only for surfing? Perhaps, you don’t have any idea that this island is also covered with mangrove trees. In fact, this island is believed to have the largest mangrove forest in southern Philippines.

5. Samal Island

Best Philippines Beach Holidays at Pearl Farm Davao City

Don’t miss Pearl farm! It’s one of the island’s best beach destinations and is very known for its dazzling features and world-class facilities. Any traveler who ever went to southern Philippines never missed to witness this paradise.

Are you ready to visit these 5 Philippine beaches? So, start planning activities, the things to do, and what place to start. Lastly, prepare your budget! Good luck!

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