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Taking a break is more beneficial than you think. Vacations can help you recharge your batteries, sustain work productivity and more importantly, reduce the much hated stress. If you’re a parent, long trips with kids can enhance ‘quality time’ with the family.

When it comes to the perfect getaway, nothing beats the luxury of lying on a beach while soaking up the sunshine. So if diverse marine life and white sand beaches are your thing, Philippines beach holiday destinations are the best.

Philippine Beach Holidays

Where can I go for a beach holiday?

With more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines has a coastline twice the length that of the US. It’s even dubbed as Asia’s Beach Capital. Indeed, many of its beaches make it to various travel guides’ list of the world’s best. Here’s a list on where to go and what to do on a beach holiday.

  1.  El Nido Palawan. El Nido is a popular haven for international divers because of its coral gardens. On top of that, the beaches offer powder-fine sand and warm, clear waters. El Nido also boasts their majestic limestone formations, empty lagoons and breathtaking scenery.
  2. Boracay Aklan. The famous island of Boracay offers a four-kilometer stretch of white sand and crystalline waters. Night life in Boracay gives you the ultimate ‘fun til dawn’ party experience. You may also enjoy spas, water sports and cozy restaurants.
  3. Caramoan Camarines Sur. For a dose of peace and quiet, the secret paradise of Caramoan is where you need to go. The secluded unexploited island gives a whole new meaning to diversity. It’s perfect for scuba divers, rock climbers and beach bums.
  4. Siargao Islands. Siargao is popularly known as the surfing island of the Philippines both for beginners and pros. For those who don’t surf, other parts of the island provides beaches with pristine waters and milder waves perfect for swimming.
  5. Pagudpud Ilocos Norte. If you want to spend your time in a holiday beach house to absorb the cool breeze and the picturesque view, you’ll enjoy the Philippines coast of Pagudpud. With inviting beaches and only a few crowds, it’s great for the family.

What to prepare for beach holiday?

You’re probably thinking how to get ready for a beach holiday. Most people would consider looking good and beach ready. A beach retreat is all about rocking your ‘au naturale’ look beauty and leaving the busy lifestyle behind.

  1. Volume. You have to figure out the things you need to bring and how much stuff is needed for your holiday. This will help you determine the size of bag you have to prepare. Creating a checklist will help you remember what to pack.
  2. Beach bag. You wouldn’t want to bring a purse on the beach. A cheap beach bag will do just fine since it would be covered by sand anyway. Choose a beach bag that would hold all the beach items you’re planning to bring along with you.
  3. Sun protection. Remember, absorbing too much sunshine can be dangerous. Don’t forget to prepare a sunblock with high SPF and lip balms to prevent sunburn and chapping. Bring sunglasses to protect your eyes and straw hats to cover your face.
  4. Beach clothes. Light-colored swimsuits will help you avoid the sun’s rays. Pick the ones that are airy and comfortable. For footwear, choose a pair of sturdy flip flops. Colorful beach wraps like sarong can be of multi-purpose use.

When you’re out on the beach, you are treating your mind and body to a healthy exercise. Not to mention the pleasurable time you’re having. Truly, the Philippines beach holidays can give you the best vacation experience of a lifetime.

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