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Philippine Beach Holiday – The Fascinating Beach Destinations Of Zamboanga del Norte

With a population of 907, 238, Zamboanga del Norte, or “ZaNorte”,  is the largest province in the Zamboanga Peninsula Region, and is divided into 25 municipalities and 2 cities, with Dipolog City as its capital. The province is home to lots of breathtaking natural attractions like white-sand beaches, waterfalls, dive sites, forests, hills and mountains, and more.  For those who haven’t been to this booming and peaceful province, here’s a quick tour of the fascinating beach destinations of Zamboanga del Norte.

Dakak Beach

One of the loveliest, and perhaps the most popular Philippines beach holiday destinations, is Dakak Beach Resort. It has pristine blue waters, amazing dive sites which have an abundance of coral reefs and 15 hectares of lush, protected wood land which serves as habitat for native plants and animals.

Philippine Beach Holiday

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The main tourist-drawer however, is the 750-meter white sand beach front, which lies in a beautifully-shaped cove, where guests can swim, snorkel, ride a kayak or jet ski, or just play a game of volleyball and have a picnic on the shore.

Sta. Cruz Beach

Located in Dapitan City, Sta. Cruz Beach is not just a very nice place to relax, swim or have a picnic with friends and family. It’s also a very historic location, as two very famous historical personalities set foot on its shores centuries ago. In 1607, Spanish priest Fr. Pascual Acufia SJ arrived in Dapitan to first baptise the natives. Fr. Acufia brought with him a large cross when he disembarked from his ship.

In 1892, another famous and well-loved Philippine hero dropped by the shores of Sta. Cruz Beach, Dr. Jose Rizal. Here, Rizal first set foot on Dapitan for his four-year exile, after disembarking from the S.S. Cebu. This historic occasion is now immortalised with a monument featuring gleaming, gold, life-sized sculptures of Rizal and his accompanying Spanish guards now adorning the shores.

Philippine Beach Holiday

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And of course, the whole of Dapitan Bay is also a breathtaking and refreshing sight to see.  Here, the waters are calm, placid and teeming with lots of fish and other marine life. The sunsets here are also very dramatic, and would definitely rival those of Manila Bay.

Aliguay & Silinog Islands

If you’re looking for a lovely, unspoilt island that looks like one of the lush coconut-tree lined islands in the travel books, make sure you visit Aliguay and Silinog Islands. These two islands have long stretches of white-sand beaches, and the waters here are so refreshingly inviting, as they teem with coral reefs, dive sites and other interesting marine life. You’d definitely feel like a castaway on a deserted island here!

Sicayab Beach

Located in Dipolog City, the “Orchid City”, Sicayab Beach is a 7-kilometre stretch of fine, grey sand, where lots of tourists flock to relax, swim and ease their anxieties away. Off the coast, snorkelling and diving enthusiasts will also love exploring the various coral formations and aquatic life.

Galas And Olingan Beach

Located 5 kilometres away from Dipolog City, Galas and Olingan beaches are the favourite haunt of bathers, swimmers, backpackers and people who love to relax and organise picnics, as well as get lovely views of the sunset. Don’t forget to include this, and the other areas, in your future Philippine beach holidays itineraries!