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Imagine this: it’s just you and a long stretch of white sand, with clear, pristine, blue waters lapping at the shoreline. You may occasionally see locals or a few other people who dared visit the beach, much like you did. But mostly, a large stretch of the sand is all yours!

Such quiet scenery often comes at a price, such as long hours of not-so-comfortable travel. However, if you’re up to the challenge, below are just some of the beautiful, remote, Philippine beach holidays with white beaches that are worth going to.


Cibang Cove, Calayan Island, Cagayan

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Located north of the Philippines in the Babuyan Channel, Calayan Island is not exactly an easy-to-get-to beach holiday destination, especially as the seas can get rough.

Sometimes, they can even turn a 5-hour trip into a 9-hour one. During the summer, waves can be the same size as a car, and that’s why boat schedules from mainland Cagayan are unpredictable.

Once in Calayan, you’ll find breathtaking rugged cliffs pounded by the seas, and quiet coves amid the rough waters, including Cibang Cove, the most accessible one via a short trek. You can walk barefoot on its long stretch of pristine white sand hemmed in by rock formations draped with lush greenery, and take a dip in its clear, tranquil waters.


Apo Island, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

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Often mistaken for an island with the same name in Negros Oriental, which is also a known diving spot, Apo Island sits on Apo Reef, known to be the world’s second largest contiguous coral reef system.

With the clear blue waters that perfectly reflect the sky and the creamy pinkish white sand on an island small enough for you to see both dusk and dawn, Apo Island is a beach bum’s dream destination!

Snorkel or dive into the waters to see the colorful corals, fish, pawikan, and sometimes, the dolphins, sharks, and manta rays.


Sambawan Island, Maripipi, Biliran

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An understated province sometimes mistaken to be a part of Leyte, Biliran is home to enchanting waterfalls, mountains and to, without a doubt, one of the best islands in the Philippines — Sambawan Island.

On one side, Sambawan has grassy hills which turn green or brown depending on the time of year, and on the other side is a long stretch of white sand.

Take the time to trek up the hill to catch a glimpse of the entire stretch of the island surrounded by bright blue waters. Take a dip in the quiet seas, or else go on a diving adventure to see the colorful marine life, as Sambawan is also a known diving destination. It’s all up to you on your beach getaway.

There you have it. These are just some of the hard to reach beach destinations in the Philippines. Though the road to these places are rough and challenging, getting past them will surely reward you in the end. You’ll indeed experience the best beach holiday Philippines once you overcome the obstacles that block you along the way.

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Siargao, an island which is 45 minutes from Cebu via plane, is one of the easternmost islands of the Philippines. Long before, it used to be relatively unknown in the tourism industry, becoming popular only once it was featured by famous surfing photographer John Callahan back in the 1990s.

Since then, the island’s tourism industry has boomed due to its clear water, tidal pools, and world-renowned surfing industry. Tourists who visit this Philippine beach holidays destination can take their pick from among the island’s attractions.

For starters, you can try out Mapupungko Pool, a tidal pool separated from the Pacific Ocean by a barrier reef. The pool itself is calm and clear, and perfect for those who want to have a more mellow experience in the water. Let’s see what else Siargao has to offer.

Island Hopping in Siargao

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While in the island, savor the culinary surprises, unique only in the area. The freshest seafood dishes are aplenty, and available in most restaurants but, most especially at Siargao Inn

Aside from the main island of Siargao, there are a lot of other islands scattered all over, including Naked Island. If you think that this is a nudist island, then let me tell you that it isn’t. Instead, as the name suggests, Naked Island is mostly bare, with just white sand and the sea all around – no trees whatsoever.

In contrast to Naked Island, Guyam Island offers several clumps of lush vegetation for tourists to enjoy.

Most of the island-hopping tours start out with these two islands, where tourists can opt to stay to catch a glimpse of the sunset. However, if you want to stay for the night, you need to go to Daku Island. Among the three, Daku Island is the only island that offers huts for anyone who wants to stay overnight.

Exploring Bucas Grande

To the west of Siargao is the town of Socorro. Socorro is best known for Bucas Grande, also referred to as Sohoton Cove National Park. It’s accessible via ferry from the Dapa Port in Siargao – a ride that costs about 100 pesos. From Socorro, there are boats that can take you to Bucas Grande.

Bucas Grande is composed of a network of limestone islands, some of which remain a mystery as no one has explored them yet. The landscape is framed by virgin mangrove forests and clear blue waters with white sand beaches.

What’s So Special About Siargao?

What sets Siargao from other beach islands in the Philippines is its distinction as the surfing capital of the south. Literally, it’s a surfer’s paradise, with seven-foot waves available for most of the year (namely from September to May) in the clear blue waters of the Pacific.

It can be odd to see flocks of people during October, but that’s exactly what happens in Siargao, during the last three months of the year or so. September to October actually marks the start of Siargao’s surfing season, and surfers from all parts of the Philippines head to its shores, specifically the shores of Cloud 9 beach.

You can experience the best beach holidays Philippines in Siargao. Just remember to plan your trip properly for you to avoid any disaster along the way.

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